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7-Year-Old Boxing Phenom — Annihilating Sparring Partners (VIDEO)

You’ve seen him crush the mitts … but now 7-year-old boxing phenom Nijee “The Future” is obliterating real life sparring partners — and they’re all WAY OLDER THAN HIM. 

After bursting onto the scene with a YouTube video that racked up more than 1 MILLION views, Nijee is now training with real opponents … but his dad says he’ll only put him in the ring with older kids — for their own safety. 

Check out this recent video (above) and you’ll see why — Nijee delivers a series of devastating body shots on a kid two years older than him … putting an end to the session. 

We’re told the other kid is no chump — he’s a respected 9-year-old fighter who’s “very experienced” and has been training for a while.

Not to worry parents … the two tykes hugged and shook hands after the fight. 

Question is … when will Nijee fight for real?? We’re told USA Boxing requires fighters to be at least 8 years old to compete in a sanctioned bout. So, soon. 

In the meantime, check out Nijee working below … and hide your kids.

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