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Kevin Love Shaves His Beard, Nicks Himself Twice

Who is this 6th grader and what has he done with Kevin Love?!

That clean-shaven dude you’re lookin’ at is actually the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar (seriously, we promise it’s him) … and he showed off a VERY youthful look on Friday.

Before you freak, it’s only temporary — Love says he was shooting a commercial with teammate Channing Frye and he had to lose his signature facial hair for the role.

Love has rocked some sort of facial hair throughout his NBA career … and says it’s been about 6 or 7 years since he’s taken a razor to his face.

Naturally, the All-Star was a bit rusty — he says he nicked his face TWICE shedding the scruff.

But don’t worry, Cavs fans … K. Love says he’ll return his face to its natural furry state in a couple of weeks.

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