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Tyler Perry Drops Over $430k to Pay Off Walmart Layaway Items in Atlanta

Christmas came early for a bunch of lucky Walmart customers … because Tyler Perry just picked up their tabs.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … the famous actor and filmmaker wrote a couple big checks to 2 Atlanta area Walmarts Thursday, to cover the cost of outstanding layaway items that were registered at the stores as of this morning.

We’re told Perry dropped $178k at one store in ATL and another $256k at a nearby store in Douglasville.

All the customers have to do to collect their outstanding items is pay a penny at pickup … as Tyler just explained in a video about the awesome gesture.

Add this to a laundry list of charitable acts by Tyler in 2018 — including buying an old friend’s mom a house and hooking up Geoffrey Owens with an acting gig — and it’s safe to say he’s on the nice list.

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