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Al Harrington Loved When White Guys Guarded Him in The NBA

Former NBA star Al Harrington says some nights in his NBA career were better than others … and those are the nights he was guarded by white guys because on those nights he could do “something special.”

Harrington — who played 15 years in the NBA and averaged close to 14 points a game for his career — appeared on “Van Lathan‘s The Red Pill” podcast and talked about his life.

Most of the conversation was about Al’s Viola Lifestyle cannabis brand which he thinks will change the world (no one knows more about weed) but eventually, the conversation turned to the NBA.

When asked if Al felt any difference when he was up against white players versus black players, Harrington kept it all the way real.

“I might have that look in my eye with them … I feel like Imma do something special.”

Before you jump down Al’s throat, he’s not the first guy to say it … Larry Bird, patron saint of the white hooper actually said in an interview he’d get INSULTED if an opposing team put a white dude on him.

Shout out to the Kirk Hinrich fans out there … we feel y’all.

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