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TMZ Potato Portrait Contest: Top Tot Goes To Aubrey Drake Yam

The final votes are in, and the winner of TMZ’s Potato Portrait contest goes to … Drake!!!

The top tot was created by Brittany Sartor from Walnut Creek, CA … and she’s taking home $3,000! She earned $500 for being in the Top 5 and, after getting the most votes, she’s pocketing an extra $2,500! 

Brittany tells us her prize money is going toward her college tuition … and there’s a chance you can own a piece of potato history, because she tells us she’s going to put Drake’s spud mug on eBay — with the proceeds going to some of her local charities. 

If you missed out on the big bucks this time, don’t worry … a new challenge begins Monday, with another opportunity to win $3,000!!! Watch Monday’s episode of “TMZ on TV” or “TMZ Live” for more details on the next contest. 

With Drake getting the top tot, check out the rest of the potato heads in the Top 5. 

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