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NFL's Sheldon Richardson Says He's Done Driving 150 MPH, 'I Have a Daughter'

NFL star Sheldon Richardson says his days of speeding around in Bentleys are LONG GONE … and it’s all thanks to being a daddy!!

As we previously reported … cops clocked Richardson speeding at 143 MPH with his 12-year-old nephew in the car when he was a member of the NY Jets back in 2015.

Oh yeah … and he had a gun in the car.

He was charged with resisting arrest, excessive speeding, failing to obey traffic control device among other violations at the time … but later copped a plea deal and was given 2 years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

The newest Cleveland Brown reflected on the incident with reporters on Thursday … saying he’s done a lot of growing up and can’t be taking those kind of risks.

“I was 24 in a Bentley, having a good time, that was it,” Richardson said … “I’ve got a daughter now, so I can’t be doing 150 mph on a highway.”

Richardson welcomed his daughter, Riley Rose, back in 2016 … and he says it completely turned his life around.

“I got a lot to live for.”

Of course … Richardson admitted his mistakes back in 2015 and vowed to make the right moves to get back on track … and it sounds like he’s still holding to his promise.

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