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President Trump Asks Supporters If He Should Veto to 'Finish the Wall'

Donald Trump is showing some serious insecurity over the border wall, because he wants an affirmation from his die-hard supporters before he puts pen to paper and vetoes the legislation rejecting his border wall emergency proclamation.

The President blasted out a poll to his email subscribers shortly after the Senate voted Thursday 59-41 to put the kibosh on Trump’s declaration of national emergency, asking their opinion on whether he exercises his first veto as Prez.  

If he can’t get support from the people who say he can do no wrong, well …

And, check out how he loads the vote — “Friend, President Trump will not let this National Security and Humanitarian Nightmare continue. Liberals in the Senate just voted against a National Emergency.”

Looks like there are at least 12 Republicans who aren’t on board — the Republican Senators who joined Democrats in defying Trump … something not mentioned in the email.

POTUS already made his intentions clear when he tweeted “VETO!” right after the Senate motion passed, so the poll is not just ridiculous … it’s superfluous.

He’ll get his way this time, ’cause there aren’t enough votes in Congress to override a veto. 

Stay tuned.

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