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Ravens Cornerback Gives Earl Thomas His #29 Jersey for Free!

Earl Thomas was facing a MAJOR issue in his first days as a Baltimore Raven … his beloved #29 jersey was already taken … and he’d have to cough up some serious dough to get it.

That is … until Marlon Humphrey decided to change his mind and give it away FOR FREE — and his explanation is pretty dope.

“I initially asked Earl for money, and later that day I realized that’s not who I am,” Humphrey says.

“So I texted him and said he can have it. I respect what he has done and accolades in 29. Didn’t want to alter that for a number I’ve accomplished nothing in.”

MH has a point — Thomas has been stellar in #29 … winning a Super Bowl, making 6 Pro Bowls and being named a 1st team All-Pro 3 different times!!!

Battles over jersey numbers have gotten expensive in the past — Clinton Portis famously offered an old Redskins teammate $40k(!!!) to get #26 in 2004 (that ended in a court battle).

Deion Sanders also bought a teammate a BMW to get his number when he joined the Cowboys.

Gotta give props to Humphrey for offering it up for free, ’cause dude coulda had some fatter pockets — Thomas just inked a $55 million deal.

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