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Ivanka Trump Busts Out Dance Moves in Ethiopia

Ivanka Trump‘s doing her best to blend in with locals in Ethiopia, and that means busting out her best dance moves — and, so far, the locals seem impressed! Or, maybe they’re just being polite.

Ivanka touched down in the East African nation Monday and during a reception, she didn’t hesitate to get loose on the floor — putting her hips, shoulders and arms into it as she danced with one energetic guy — and, at least, seemed to be having a great time.

President Trump‘s senior adviser — and daughter — is on a 4-day trip to promote a global women’s project for economic development. While the trip got off to a fun start …you gotta wonder if her father’s infamous words will come up at some point.

You’ll recall, the Prez once used the term “shithole countries” to describe African nations. 

Ivanka might wanna work on her tap dancing too.

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