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Kurt Warner Has Advice For Josh Rosen If Cardinals Draft Kyler Murray

Josh Rosen, listen up … if the Cardinals DO draft Kyler Murray tonight, Kurt Warner is handing out some sage advice — JUST PROVE YOU’RE BETTER!!!

“Bottom line is it’s just part of it,” Warner tells TMZ Sports out in Nashville … “You gotta go and just prove you’re the best guy for the job.”

Of course, Arizona drafted Rosen last season thinking he’d be the guy for the franchise’s future … but now, with Kliff Kingsbury at the helm, they’re expected to take Murray tonight.

Many have wondered if JR should be upset if the draft pick does go down … but Warner says Rosen should actually see it as a chance to prove he’s the right guy for the job!!!

“I don’t think you can ever be offended by a team trying to figure out the best thing for their organization to get better. And your job is to compete.”

Josh should take the advice … Warner bounced around the league for several years — even after MVP seasons with the Rams — proving he was a Hall of Fame caliber guy at nearly every stop.

For his part, Warner says Rosen’s done a great job of handling it all so far, telling us, “He’s going to get an opportunity to play somewhere. Just be ready for that opportunity and continue to shine.”

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