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Robert Kraft Spa Video NEEDS to Be Released, Explains D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley thinks it’s IMPERATIVE for Florida officials to release the Robert Kraft naked spa video ASAP  … to prove the people running the NFL are just a bunch of hypocrites. 

“I think the NFL is hypocrites,” Hughley tells TMZ Sports … “I do. I think that they didn’t want Colin Kaepernick to have a job in the NFL because he took a knee.”

“Robert Kraft was one of the main detractors. He didn’t want him to get a job. He got busted in a prostitution ring. So, apparently, to the NFL … a black man on one knee is too much, but a hooker on two is alright.”

“So the NFL has a problem with the number of knees you take. So I think we should see. And I think they get a chance to see how hypocritical they are.”

Hughley’s friend Cedric the Entertainer feels differently … and explained to us why the judge needs to do everything in his power to BLOCK the tape from going public. 

As for Kraft himself, he’s fighting like hell to keep the video under wraps — and even though he got a temporary order which the keeps the tape private for now … a judge is expected to make a permanent ruling on April 29th. 

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