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FOX News Faces Social Media Backlash After Using Patti Labelle Photo In Aretha Franklin Memorium

FOX News is facing some serious social media backlash from Aretha Franklin fans. After the Queen of Soul passed away on Thursday, the news outlet reported her death using a photo of Patti Labelle in their news package.  Viewers noticed that Fox News seemingly confused Aretha with the “New Attitude” diva when an image of Patti performing “Over the Rainbow” ...

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Paul Walker’s Family Hope To Bring His Character Back To ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

While Brian O’Conner’s plotline was wrapped up in “Furious 7,” the character is still very much alive in the franchise as he is brought up several times in the latest entry, “The Fate of the Furious.” This marked the first “Fast & Furious” film after his death – and drama between the cast ensued in Paul’s absence. The Walker brothers ...

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Milo Ventimiglia’s First ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Encounter Got Seriously Shady

“I’m at the gym and this girl stops me,” he recalls of the encounter. “She goes, ‘Excuse me, do you play Jess on ‘Gilmore Girls?'” Honored to be recognized, Milo responded, “Yeah, actually I do.” It all went downhill from there. “She goes, ‘Oh my God, I f**king hate you!’ She didn’t even say, ‘Hey, good job,'” he hilariously revealed ...

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