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Gilbert Arenas Sues Woman, Your Lies Cost Me $10 Mil!

Gilbert Arenas says the restraining order a woman got against him was based off straight-up manufactured bulls**t that cost him a boatload of money … and he’s fighting back in court. Here’s the deal … a woman named Janelle Reeves — who claims she dated Arenas — got a restraining order against the NBA star in June. Reeves claims Arenas ...

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Bruce Wayne's Penis on Display in New 'Batman: Damned' Comic Series

Batman fans are getting a good hard look at Bruce Wayne like never before — ’cause the Dark Knight’s manhood is on display in a new comic that’s definitely not for kids.  DC just added a new installment to their Black Label series with “Batman: Damned” — which is pretty much graphic novels for adults … only, in this case, ...

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Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Wanda Barzee Released from Utah Prison

Elizabeth Smart‘s kidnapper is a free woman again — Wanda Barzee got out of a Utah state prison, and was spotted chowing down shortly thereafter.  Barzee was carrying a salad and a banana on Wednesday as she walked into a halfway house. She was convicted for aiding Brian David Mitchell in kidnapping Elizabeth in 2002, and spent 15 years behind bars. Elizabeth says ...

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