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Idiot Totals $845k Porsche … In Parking Lot!!!

When this idiot decided to show off the horsepower of his 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, he should have made sure he was out of the parking lot first. In a moment of pure jerk-a-tude, this speed demon wrecked his $845k ride while trying to weave around cars and pedestrians at breakneck speed … just to ...

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Denise Richards — Rocks NY Jets Bikini

The NY Jets are one step closer to being the hottest team in the NFL — all thanks to Denise Richards.  The 44-year-old rocked a tiny Gang Green bikini out in San Diego this week … begging the question — since when is she a Jets fan?! She’s not from NY or NJ … and she’s never really talked about ...

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Adrien Broner — Flosses New Benz and Maybach

Adrien Broner made $1.3 million for his fight against Shawn Porter, who he beat soundly for 11 of the 12 rounds. With his new riches Broner decided to buy a couple of new cars, a Benz and a Maybach … so say our friends at BlackSportsOnline.  Broner is scheduled to be back in the ring in October. No word on ...

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James Woods — Suing Twitter Troll for $10 Million

James Woods is suing a guy for something every celebrity has to deal with every day — someone talking trash on Twitter … and he’s gunning for $10 million. Woods is going after a guy who goes by the name of Abe List. Woods claims List trashed his good name several times — with tweets calling him a “prick,” “joke,” ...

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