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Wedge Antilles in 'Star Wars': 'Memba Him?!

Denis Lawson is best known for playing the fast flying Corellian pilot Wedge Antilles — who flew alongside Lando Calrissian and took down the second Death Star — in the OG ’80s ‘Star Wars’ movies. Guess what he looks like now! Source link

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Richie Sambora — You Snooze, You're Gonna Lose in Court

Richie Sambora and his ex-girlfriend Nikki Lund just got socked with a big judgment in small claims court, but not because they were in the wrong … but because they didn’t bother to show up. The short story … two former employees sued their clothing company, Nikki Rich, because they didn’t get their full salary. The employees made their case but ...

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Conan O'Brien — I Don't Steal Jokes from Bloggers

Conan O’Brien‘s no Fat Jewish — he insists he and his staff came up with the jokes they’re accused of stealing from a blogger … who’s not all that original anyway, according to Conan’s new legal docs. Robert Kaseberg sued Conan for copyright infringement, claiming several of his monologue jokes were lifted from Kaseberg’s online blog — but Conan responded ...

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