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A Mysterious Disappearance Brings A Scrapbook to Life

Netflix has released the first trailer for Shirkers, a documentary about Sandi Tan, Jasmine Ng, and Sophie Siddique’s mission to find their long-lost student film and their director, who mysteriously disappeared with the footage. The movie was written by Tan in the early 1990s and filmed when she was a teenager, posing as a punk rock feminist slasher film. She ...

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Nicolas Cage Thinks Cage Rage Memes Are Hurting His New Mandy Movie

One man’s humorous meme is another man’s frustration. Nicolas Cage is not a big fan of the “Cage Rage” memes online, and says that he finds it “frustrating.” The meme in question is the famous “You Don’t Say,” which utilizes Cage’s facial expression with his eyes bugging out of his head from the 1988 black comedy Vampire’s Kiss. The meme ...

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New Avengers 4 Set Photo Sends MCU Fans Hunting for Clues

Now that the first trailer for Captain Marvel has been released, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are patiently waiting to get the official title for Avengers 4. The Russo Brothers are fully aware that all eyes are back on them for the moment and took full advantage of that fact this morning by posting a cryptic picture from the set of ...

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