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Endgame Quantum Realm Spoiler Last Year

There are many constants in the world and one of them is that Tom Holland is pretty much guaranteed to spoil a Marvel Cinematic Universe secret. As it turns out, the young Peter Parker actor revealed an Avengers: Endgame spoiler while doing press for Infinity War last year. Holland was approached by an overenthusiastic MCU ...

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Dune, Bond 25 & Fast 9 All Get New Release Dates

Warner Bros., Universal and MGM all made some late Friday release date announcements heading into the weekend. After lining up a blockbuster cast for the Dune remake, we now know when it will actually hit theaters. And in that wake, we’re also getting new release dates for Fast & Furious 9 and Bond 25, along with a couple other mentions. ...

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Rob Zombie Wants to Turn House of 1000 Corpses Into a Broadway Musical

Rob Zombie on Broadway? Even the rocker and director knows that it sounds crazy, but it’s something he’s at least toyed with in his head over the years. Specifically, Zombie thinks that his directorial debut House Of 1000 Corpses would work well as a Broadway musical. Does that mean anyone is crazy enough to actually make this happen? Not necessarily, ...

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Josh Gad Trolls Mark Ruffalo Over Frozen 2 Spoilers

Frozen 2 actor Josh Gad is having a bit of fun at Mark Ruffalo’s expense on social media over potential spoilers for the highly anticipated sequel. Disney just dropped the first trailer and fans have been pretty happy with what they saw. However, like any good trailer, the Frozen 2 footage provides way more questions than answers and Gad, along ...

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Frozen 2 Shatters Incredibles 2 Animated Trailer Views Record

Disney’s Frozen 2 is already breaking records well in advance of its release in theaters later this year. After months, if not years, of many people impatiently awaiting something concrete related to the highly-anticipated sequel, the Mouse House finally unveiled the movie’s first teaser trailer recently, dropping it out of nowhere, and that generated a lot of buzz. So much ...

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