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Ouija: Origins of Evil Trailer #2 Enters the Spirit World

Every Halloween a movie studio manages to capitalize on audiences wanting to go see a horror movie to go along with the theme of the holiday. This year, it is once again Blumhouse with a prequel to their 2014 horror flick Ouija. With the release date drawing near, Universal Pictures has just released the second full-length trailer for Ouija: Origins ...

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Gold Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Is a Billionaire Prospector

Have you ever wanted to see what Matthew McConaughey would look like balding and in a pair of tighty-whities ala Walter White from Breaking Bad? Well, then you should probably check out the trailer for his upcoming movie Gold, which was just released online. Outside of the actor’s crazy look in the movie, Gold boasts a stellar cast, a very ...

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Ben-Hur Remake on Track to Lose $120M at the Box Office

It has been a summer season filled with pretty tremendous box office bombs, but no movie has taken a hit quite like Ben-Hur. This is a remake that seemingly nobody wanted, and the box office tally thus far seems to dictate that was definitely the case. As of this writing, the movie has only made $54 million at the worldwide ...

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