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Zack Snyder Shot Enough Justice League Footage for 2 Movies

Zack Snyder shot enough Justice League footage to make two movies, according to Cyborg actor Ray Fisher. Talks of the mythical Snyder cut of the film have recently started to quiet down, but Fisher’s comments may have brought everything back to the surface again. DCEU fans have been begging Warner Bros. to release an alternate ...

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A Moving Story That Needs to Be Heard

In a time where superheroes and giant robots dominate the box office, it is always refreshing to see beautiful stories being told in the background. Tentpole movies are fun to watch, but the heart of the film industry is with the movies that actually try to tell a meaningful, powerful story to move a generation. The Hate U Give is ...

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Far from Home Suit Officially Unveiled by Tom Holland

Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewers were treated to the first official viewing of the new black and red suit in Spider-Man: Far from Home last night. Tom Holland appeared on the show, which was shooting in Brooklyn for the week. The appearance was first teased on social media earlier yesterday, and many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were sure that the young ...

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Jaw-Dropping Die Hard Poster Celebrates 30 Years of Explosions

Die Hard is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and to help honor the momentous occasion, 20th Century Fox has commissioned a gorgeous new poster for the action classic. The Bruce Willis movie to best all Bruce Willis movies still reigns supreme all these years later and there is a good reason (make that many good reasons), people will still ...

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