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Entire Infinity War Q&A with the Russo Brothers Goes Online

Earlier this week, the Russo Brothers took part in a two-hour Q&A session about Infinity War and you can watch the whole thing below. Avengers 4 is the main topic that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were hoping to discuss at the recent Q&A session, but the directing duo informed the massive crowd from the start ...

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Classic Christmas Song Banned Because of #MeToo, Could Elf Be Next?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been pulled from a Cleveland radio station with many other stations across the country following in its wake. Now many are wondering if Elf could be next. The song was written in 1944 by composer Frank Loesser and the lyrics have been deemed offensive because they’re not in line with the #MeToo movement. Zooey Deschanel ...

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Jason Momoa Surprises Fans at Aquaman Screening in New York

Imagine going to see Aquaman at a special fan screening, and then having the underwater superhero show up in the flesh. That is exactly what happened this weekend at a sneak peek of the DC adventure, which is in theaters starting December 21. Last Night, Jason Momoa stopped by Time Square before surprising everyone who had settled into see an ...

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