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Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson Shine in a Fantastic Sequel

The Shining scared the crap out of me as a little kid. I’d snuck into the living room that memorable late night and watched alone on HBO. Redrum, ghostly twin girls, and the unforgettable “Here’s Johnny” became an indelible part of my film psyche. Thirty-nine years after The Shining‘s theatrical release, director Mike Flanagan has ...

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The Finale Teaser Trailer Announces Christmas Day Release

Donnie Yen returns in IP Man 4: The Finale to reprise his role as the title character in what promises to be the last installment in this blockbuster series. Today, we have a first look teaser from the upcoming action thriller, and it appears that this franchise is definitely going out with a bang. Wells Go USA Entertainment has announced ...

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The Movie Gets Archived on Futuristic Glass Disc by Microsoft

Superman: The Movie can add another accomplishment to its already truly impressive legacy. Microsoft and Warner Bros. have partnered to preserve the iconic superhero movie on a piece of glass roughly the size of a coaster. Yes, a piece of glass. The idea, hopefully, is that this type of storage technology could help to preserve classic movies for decades to ...

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