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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Summer Edition Review

Michael Che and Colin Jost get a summer half-hour showcase that feels predictably like a padded Weekend Update segment. NBC following up a resurgent season of Saturday Night Live with several weeks of what is being branded Weekend Update Summer Edition (but still listed as Saturday Night Live for your DVRing convenience) is a bit ...

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‘Get Shorty’ Review | Hollywood Reporter

Epix launches its best series yet with this charming, addictive adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel and 1995 film. Not only is the third time the charm for Epix and its adventures into scripted series, but the third time — in the guise of the improbable Get Shorty — is charming, addictive and an eye-opener of impeccable quality. The premium subscription service ...

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‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Review

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ returns for its second season on Netflix, and while there are plenty of laughs, there are more misses than ever before. It’s one of those odd modern programming miracles that Wet Hot American Summer, a movie that made under $300,000 at the domestic box office in 2001, built enough of a cult following to spawn the ...

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‘What Would Diplo Do?’ Review

James Van Der Beek’s oddball lead performance is a highlight in a Viceland comedy still trying to find its own identity. The title of Viceland’s new comedy What Would Diplo Do? comes close to asking the correct question, but a large percentage of viewers will be asking a somewhat modified, “What did Diplo do (to deserve this show)?” It’s a ...

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